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Where I Keep My Books

In the bookshelf…

… of course! This is where they live. I sit across from the bookshelf when I’m working on the computer, and glancing up to see a shrine to all of my favorites makes me really happy. The bookshelf occupies the very center of my small living space. Everything I do revolves around it.

On the nightstand…

… because reading before bed is important to me. I’m a little more choosy about the books I keep here since I will retain the information a little better right before going to sleep.

On my Kindle…

… which basically lives in the bathroom now. Did I buy an expensive Kindle just because it is waterproof and lets me read in the bath without fear? Maybe.

On my phone…

… for when I have an impulse to use my phone as a social crutch, or I’m waiting in line, or standing in front of the microwave, or I forgot to pack a physical book. I get library e-books on my phone through Libby!

In my backpack…

… since we can’t have devices at work, I keep a physical book with me. I get a ton of reading done on deployment by keeping a book in my backpack and pulling it out during down times.

On the ottoman…

… for when I’m frustrated with dying so many times in Celeste and need a brain break.

The idea is to have something always within reach.

When idle, when the impulse to do something strikes, it becomes very easy to choose to do some reading when a book is right in front of me, priming a positive behavior that I want to keep as a habit. It might just be a few pages here and there, but they add up in the long run; this technique helps me read, on average, a book a week!

Am I always reading this many books at one time? As a general rule, I’ll have a book on my phone, a book on the Kindle, a library book which travels around with me, and an owned book which stays in the house. I don’t discriminate between audiobooks and graphic novels, either – it all counts!

If you’re interested in adding more reading to your life, I recommend this excellent post by author and podcaster Mallory O’Meara: My Philosophy on Life; or How I Read So Many Goddamn Books. In short, if something’s important to you, you’ll find little ways to incorporate more of it into your life. For some, it might be exercising, or crocheting, or drawing. For me, it’s reading. (Someday, I hope it will be writing, too, but that’s for another post.)

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